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Read what our Members are saying about Chrome Angels...


 Because they really care about the welfare, safety, education and social fun of all women that ride motorcycles. I love this group!!! 

Princess on Dec 12, 2009.

 If you are a woman looking to spend time with a group of women who are caring and generous, you would not go wrong by coming to a meetup of this group. These women know how to laugh and have a good time at the same time volunteering their time and money to good causes. Well worth your time to check them out. I would stongly recommend it to any and all of my friends. 

Jaymie Percival on Dec 13, 2009.

 Others should join this group because from the ladies I've met so far they all seem to be a friendly, welcoming and caring group of women and I am excited to spend more time with them all. They engaged me in conversation, which is a good thing since I am a little shy. They made me feel welcome and glad that I have joined their group. They explained their charities and told me about some of their previous rides and they made them sound fun and something to look forward to. The Chrome Angels are a very accepting group of ladies who immediately made me feel comfortable. 

Michelle Levens on Dec 3, 2009.

 This is one of the best groups of people you will ever meet . Bikers share a brotherhood most people will never experience and this group is just all great people . 

Bob & Lori on Nov 1, 2009.

 this will give great information that can be used in many circumstances 

Deb on Sep 13, 2009.

 very friendly and welcoming group 

karen brown on Feb 9, 2009.

 This group covers a lot of interesting topics. The road trips planned for this year seem like they would be fun to attend. 

Diane Davis on Feb 8, 2009.

 A really fun group of ladies. 

Filmore on Dec 22, 2008.

 This is a great group of ladies/sisters and we have a good time laughing, talking, riding, learning and just plin enjoying ourselves. Any woman interested in riding should come check out this group and see how easy it is to be accepted. These ladies talk care of each other and not just on the road. Give it a try, what do you have to lose. 

Autumn on Dec 15, 2008.

 great group of women who enjoy biking 

Gisela on Dec 15, 2008.


 This is a great group of women. They made me feel very welcome. I can't wait until the next meetup I can attend. 

Lisa Cox on Dec 7, 2009.

 Great group to just go ride with! Very patient, willing to help beginner riders get more confident with their riding skills and knowledge of safe riding. Love to have fun and just be themselves! Love to give back to the community, support a lot of wonderful causes! 

Bridgett "Bucko" on Jan 10, 2010.

 It is a way of giving back to the community, this group is so thoughtful of others!!! 

Fetch on Oct 26, 2009.

 It's a great way to meet other women interested in riding and giving a little back to the comunity. 

Tastanaki on Oct 26, 2009.

 Because they ride for all the right reasons. 

Cindy on Sep 13, 2009.

 This is an awesome group of ladies. Very caring and devoted to safety. 

Donna on Oct 14, 2009.

 A great group of women that has a great focus...FUN and serving the women in our community !! It's a blessing to have found them and to be able to share riding and laughter with them !. I absolutely love these women and this group. Just a great feeling whenever I am around them ! 

Joannie on Aug 22, 2009.

 a great group of girls 

susan on Apr 28, 2008.

 This a great group i had a blast everyone was very friendly and fun to be around.cant wait till the next ride. ride safe christi 

christi wagner on Jan 14, 2008.

 Chrome Angels ROCK!!! 

Joan Scott on Mar 29, 2008.

 This is a geat group to meet up with and ride with. We had alot of fun.. 

Roxanne on Apr 3, 2008.

 It is a great group of people. I feel fortunate I found them. 

tex on Jul 27, 2008.

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